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Our sweets are from heaven! And our gummies are from Germany, our jelly beans from America and our chocolate-coated strawberries and cream are from Coolaroo! Whatever sweets your taste buds are craving, we have it covered at Sugar Station.



American Candy

Uncle Sam has long been the master when it comes to candy, and we at Sugar Station are pleased to be one of the pioneers at bringing you all things American and sweet.

Whether it’s Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Big Red gum or Charleston Chews, Sugar Station has your guaranteed supply. Twizzler’s, Jolly Ranchers, Razzel’s and Peanut Butter M&Ms, Sugar Station has Melbourne’s biggest supply of the good stuff from America! Visit our stores, check out the range online, or just call with your enquiry and if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to get it for you!!



Nothing means comfort like chocolate. Nothing means delicious like chocolate. Nothing is more irresistible than chocolate. So if its milk, dark, or white you will find it at Sugar Station. Whether it’s from our wonderful local producers, or the best chocolatiers from around the world, we’re bound to stock it.
Whether its chocolate covered delights to satisfy your senses, or boxed chocolates or chocolate bars, Sugar Station is your destination. Chocolate is our world – if only we could build our stores out of chocolate!!!



Sugar Station has the widest range of lollies in the land! Whether its traditional favourites, sours, gummi or chocolate-coated, Sugar Station has your choice covered.
And if you prefer your sweets in powder form, we have loads of sherbet-loaded lollies as well as the world-famous Pucker Powder!

The Sugar Station range of traditional lollies includes boiled lollies, Sweethearts, English toffee and a huge selection of lollipops of all shapes and sizes. Serve yourself a mix of your favourite sweets including pineapples, racing cars, milk bottles and even witchetty grubs! We also stock liquorice, both the traditional and the salty Dutch kind. We also have wine gums and Basset’s liquorice allsorts.

At Sugar Station we search the globe to find the sweetest lollies for our stores. Yet some customers are still not happy. Some customers like their sweets sour. Really, really sour. So to cater for those who like their lollies nice and tart, we have a whole section of our stores dedicated to things most sour. So we start with sour worms, sour gummies, sour cola bottles and sour rings. And then we take down a notch on the sour-scale with sour peach hearts, sour mandarins and sour lemonade bottles. And if that wasn’t sour enough for you, we have the famous Warheads Sour Spray! If it’s a sweet and it’s sour, you will find it at Sugar Station.

The best gummies are made in Germany. And the best German gummies are found at Sugar Station. We have the craziest gummies ever made, including gummi lips, gummi devil’s fangs, gummi fried eggs and even gummi chicken feet! All guaranteed to be chock-full of gummi-goodness!

At Sugar Station, we believe in constant improvement. And the best way to improve a lolly is to coat it in chocolate. Our choc-coated range of lollies includes chocolate coated snakes, raspberries, bananas and even chocolate-coated strawberries and cream! And we wont be satisfied till everything is coated in chocolate – let us know how we can improve your favourite lolly by having it chocolate-coated!


Jelly Belly

At Sugar Station we are proud to offer the most extensive ranges of these delightful little beans, guaranteeing that you will find your favourite flavours in one of our stores. These wonderful little treats offer endless possibilities for enjoyment. Going to the movies, having a gathering, in your office reception or just catching a train home, these colourful, flavoursome, tiny little treats are without peer. Try mixing and matching to make your own flavour combinations, or use the menu to create some favourite combos like “Fruit Salad”, “Banana Split” or “Mud Pie” to name a few.


Traditional Favourites

Sugar Station understands that lollies, candy and chocolate appeal to kids of all ages, from the sour dummy-sucking toddler right thru to gummi teeth-loving grandpa. That’s why we always seek to stock all the popular treats that generations of lolly lovers have grown up with. Some of these sweets have transformed into modern versions, yet others can still be found in the original packaging and recipes.

Traditional fairy floss in bags or buckets, Dutch liquorice – extra salty or extra, extra salty – whatever your favourite, Sugar Station is sure to indulge your sweet or salty tooth! Jelly beans, bananas, chicos and raspberries – all your traditional favourites are available at your one-stop lolly shop – Sugar Station.

And we also have traditional sweets from overseas – English bon bons, Kiwi pineapple lumps, South African Jelly Tots and Tex Bars. Plus all the rocks – Castlemaine Rock, Blackpool Rock and famous Sugar Station fruit rock!



Sweet tooths come with different passions and preferences. Some are crazy for chocolate. Others go nuts for gummies. And some get silly about Soda. At Sugar Station, we love soda too and can’t think of a better way to quench a thirst and get a sweet reward than with a soda. As well as stocking the favourite local lines from one of the world’s greatest beverage makers, we are very proud to offer our customers soda from all around the world.
We always ensure that we are the first to receive these limited shipments, to provide our customers with some amazing and unique soda. Whether it’s Dr Pepper, Cherry Cola, A&M or Canada Dry, we have your soda fix covered!
Fans of Fanta can choose from strawberry, pineapple and grape, whilst the more adventurous can drink A&W root beer or creamy soda. We even stock Welch’s strawberry soda and New Zealand’s favourite, L&P – made with exotic Paeroa fruit!