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American Section

Sugar Station prides itself in providing only the highest quality candy treats from both locally sourced, to International goodies! We know you will love our American chocolate and candy, ranging from everyone’s favourite classic the Twinkie, to something more adventurous like Cry Baby’s Sour Balls­ -­­ be warned, those are not for the faint of heart! Our best sellers include yet certainly not limited to, the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar, Reese’s King Size Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Swedish Fish, and our Jolly Rancher range. Why limit yourself there? Come in and try something new; perhaps a chocolate crispy Butterfinger, or maybe a small packet of Nerds for the perfect midday sugar hit! Try all the different flavours. Not to mention, these treats make for fantastic birthday gift additions, or even a little self-indulgence!

Pop in to one of our six locations near you, and pick up your favourite American Candy,

Treat yourself!

All things new:

Maybe you’ve tried the chocolate classics, maybe you have to stay away from your favourite candies because they’re dangerously delectable? If that’s the case, our candy experts have some new suggestions regarding what’s just in!

Starting with all things chocolate and peanut-buttery:

Introducing the chocolate Turtle Bar, this chocolate caramel nut cluster boasts a gooey, creamy, top layer of caramel, sitting over a layer of premium pecans, for a moment in paradise- the best of both worlds!

Hershey’s 5th Avenue Bar. Covered in luxurious chocolate, this layered peanut butter crunch bar really packs a punch. The blanket of creamy chocolate balances the crunchy peanut texture, this 5th Avenue bar really hits the spot!

Hershey’s Skor Bar. This American chocolate dipped, toffee bar embodies the elements of all things divine and chocolatey; a chewy caramel texture, heavenly complemented by the notes of peanut. You may well be chewing for a while, but this chocolateSkor Bar will not disappoint.

Perhaps you would prefer something more classic like Willie’s Cacao Milk of the God’s chocolate bar. This square block is the perfect pick me up snack size, beginning with its first bite as a crunchy one, then it slowly starts to melt in your mouth. You are going to love the creaminess; we like to think it’s a gift from the God’s!