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Picture this. You’ve had a long stressful week and you’re just yearning for that mouth-watering sweet to cuddle up and unwind on the couch with. You’re walking to catch your train and see a colourful light in the distance. What’s that? It’s Sugar Station! Ah! At last, your sugary-sour prayers have been answered. At Sugar Station you can find every sour candy your heart desires. Our bulk sour range offers sour candies in all shapes and sizes.  Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Apple, Watermelon, Cola, Bubble-gum? You name it we’ve got it! Made both internationally and locally for more variety, we’ve ordered it in just for you!

Our sour range includes Sour peach rings, Sour apple rings, Sour peach hearts, Sour apple hearts, Red-back spiders(scary but yummy!), Sour multi-coloured rope, Bubble-gum bottles, Sour cola bottles, Sour worms, Sour Lizards, Mini sour straps, Jelly filled watermelon slices, Watermelon Slices, Sour mandarins, Sour bears, Fizzy dummies, Jelly filled peaches and Fizzoes. Hold on, not done yet!

We’ve also got sour brick range consisting of, Sour cola, Sour strawberry, Sour blue and Sour multi as well as our sour blowpipes which are Strawberry, Blue raspberry, Watermelon and Multi-coloured!

We really do have everything! Come see for yourself because we’ve always got new/extra sour candies popping out here and there.

Can’t pick decide which sour lolly to get? That’s okay! Let your inner child free and mix and match your own because we’ve got heaps of dispensers to choose from. And if you need help, our friendly staff will be right there to help you make the right decision.

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From the land of Chocolate itself, Ritter Sport is a daily MUST EAT if you ever make it to Germany… If you can’t make it to Germany, come and get one at Sugar Station!

If you have never tried a Ritter Sport chocolate bar, I highly recommend you visit your local Sugar Station and try one (or all) of the many flavours we currently have in stock, we have a flavour for everyone to enjoy for every day of the week. Dark chocolate, Praline (my favourite, YUM!), chocolate peppermint, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate marzipan, chocolate with cornflakes (breakfast?), white chocolate hazelnuts, chocolate honey salted almonds, dark chocolate almonds, chocolate macadamias, chocolate almonds, chocolate butter biscuit, raisin and hazelnuts, JUST WOW!

Ritter Sport chocolate pride themselves on a quality made chocolate with quality ingredients. They are always testing new flavours to remain one of the worlds most exciting and delicious chocolate bar producers. Sugar Station has brought this delicious chocolate range to your doorstep, this chocolate bar is a must try!

Every year Winter comes around and for some reason we just never get used to the cold. We use coats, thermals, gloves, beanies and all different kinds of outfits but it is just never enough. What really helps us warm up? Delicious chocolate and candy from all over the world.

If you are looking for something sweet to warm you up this winter and cure your cravings, Sugar Station has a giant selection of chocolate and sweets ranging from your favourite locally made Australian chocolate bars from Cadbury, Mars, Nestle, to your favourite American sweets. We have candy, we have chocolate, we have sweet treats for all ages. To get your chocolate child hood dreams pumping the heat through you again, come down and get a Chomp, or a curly wurly or a wagon wheel, or a caramello koala, or a milky bar. You won’t be able to make up your mind!

Wake up right during the cold months and try some of our sweet spreadables from America. We have goober peanut butter and jelly spread in grape and strawberry, and if that isn’t strange enough, we have a spreadable marshmallow called Fluff, it comes in vanilla, strawberry and caramel. We have everyone’s favourite M&M flavours from plain old milk, peanut and crispy; to peanut butter, strawberry nut, white and pretzel!!!

If you prefer your chocolate mixed with peanut butter, we should be your first spot to check out the Reeses peanut butter range. We have Reeses chocolate peanut butter cups, Reeses white peanut butter cups, Reeses pieces, Reeses giant peanut butter cup, and even reeses miniatures for those who like bite sized chocolatey peanut butter cups.

If you cannot make up you mind on a single chocolate or candy, mix and match your own from over 100 dispensers of different chocolates, gummies and sours locally and internationally made. Chocolate raspberries, chocolate strawberries and cream, chocolate honeycomb, chocolate liquorice in milk, white, dark, gummy bears, sour worms, sour cola bottles, gummy jelly fish, gummy raspberries, you will want them all!

I can guarantee that Winter will not defeat us, chocolate and candy is your best friend to comfort you on cold Winter days. Chocolate and candy will keep you warm, chocolate and candy will listen to all of your problems, chocolate and candy will be your saviour. Sugar Station has lots of these best friends in all different shapes, flavours and sizes to warm you up. Stay warm and eat as much Chocolate and Candy as you can!

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American Section

Sugar Station prides itself in providing only the highest quality candy treats from both locally sourced, to International goodies! We know you will love our American chocolate and candy, ranging from everyone’s favourite classic the Twinkie, to something more adventurous like Cry Baby’s Sour Balls­ -­­ be warned, those are not for the faint of heart! Our best sellers include yet certainly not limited to, the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar, Reese’s King Size Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Swedish Fish, and our Jolly Rancher range. Why limit yourself there? Come in and try something new; perhaps a chocolate crispy Butterfinger, or maybe a small packet of Nerds for the perfect midday sugar hit! Try all the different flavours. Not to mention, these treats make for fantastic birthday gift additions, or even a little self-indulgence!

Pop in to one of our six locations near you, and pick up your favourite American Candy,

Treat yourself!

All things new:

Maybe you’ve tried the chocolate classics, maybe you have to stay away from your favourite candies because they’re dangerously delectable? If that’s the case, our candy experts have some new suggestions regarding what’s just in!

Starting with all things chocolate and peanut-buttery:

Introducing the chocolate Turtle Bar, this chocolate caramel nut cluster boasts a gooey, creamy, top layer of caramel, sitting over a layer of premium pecans, for a moment in paradise- the best of both worlds!

Hershey’s 5th Avenue Bar. Covered in luxurious chocolate, this layered peanut butter crunch bar really packs a punch. The blanket of creamy chocolate balances the crunchy peanut texture, this 5th Avenue bar really hits the spot!

Hershey’s Skor Bar. This American chocolate dipped, toffee bar embodies the elements of all things divine and chocolatey; a chewy caramel texture, heavenly complemented by the notes of peanut. You may well be chewing for a while, but this chocolateSkor Bar will not disappoint.

Perhaps you would prefer something more classic like Willie’s Cacao Milk of the God’s chocolate bar. This square block is the perfect pick me up snack size, beginning with its first bite as a crunchy one, then it slowly starts to melt in your mouth. You are going to love the creaminess; we like to think it’s a gift from the God’s!

The Willy Wonka Candy Company opened back in 1971, and since then many fantastic creations have left its doors and gone straight to our hearts. From delectable chocolate bars to crazy push up ice creams, they tried to do it all! Although some of their wacky Wonka range is no longer in production, all of our true Wonka favourites have stood the test of time for both young, old and everyone in between!

Our Wonka range regularly consists of Wonka Gobstoppers in both small and large size packs, Wonka Fabulicious Liquorice twists in bother Raspberry Twister and Sherbet fizz, Australian Wonka Nerds Ropes and American Very Berry and Rainbow Nerds Ropes, or classic Wonka Nerds in rainbow, Peach and Wild berry, Watermelon and Cherry, Neons, grape and strawberry or even Double Dipped Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Apple! We even have American rarities such as Wonka Soda Bottlecaps, Shockers and even Sweet-tart Ropes from time to time!

Whatever Wonka product you choose, whether you like chewy and sweet, or tart and crunchy.. Or whether you’re chasing classics like Wonka Gobstoppers and Wonka Runts, or you’re keen to try our special Wonka range of USA imported Nerds flavours, we’ve got something to suit your Wacky Wonka creative candy cravings at Sugar Station!

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Sugar Station offers a great variety of gifting that we pack ourselves. Our delicious chocolate and candy range is always changing to cater for our customer’s needs. Starting with everyone’s favourite, our rock candy jars come in 11 different flavours. Assorted fruit rock, Aniseed humbugs, bullseyes, mango rock, pineapple rock, grape rock, passionfruit rock, watermelon rock, strawberry rock, cherry rock & tiny tots. Our rock candy is the best in the world and will surely make your mouth water after one sweet taste.

If it is chocolate you love, we have the BEST Belgian style chocolate in a variety of different ways. Our giant freckles come in two different sizes, 250g and 75g. These delicious chocolate freckles come in three different colours, multicolour, pink and red. Looking for a gift for your sweetheart? We have these in chocolate giant love heart freckles too!!!

Our delicious chocolate also makes up our addictive Rocky road bars. This amazing rocky road chocolate comes in 6 different flavours to ensure everyone is happy! Milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and salted caramel chocolate. One bite of this stuff and you will be hooked!

I know you want me to stop talking about chocolate but I can’t, introducing our newest products, bags of creamy chocolate coconut rough blocks and salted caramel pretzels. Make sure you visit your local Sugar Station before they all run out!

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Mother’s day is just around the corner. If you are looking for that sweet chocolate treat to give to the lovely woman who raised you on this special Mother’s day, Sugar Station has a great range of delicious boxed chocolates to choose from. This year, Sugar Station have teamed up with Chocolatier to make sure Mum’s around Victoria have the sweetest and most delicious Mother’s day yet. Chocolatier 190g mixed selection and share box chocolates are only $12.50 each. These incredibly delicious chocolate boxes contain cookies and cream truffles, salted caramel truffles, Hazelnut praline truffles, baby cappuccino, chocolate strawberry delices, soft peanut butter caramel chocolates, chocolate mini mudcakes, chocolate molten lava, tiramisu bites, chocolate raspberry crunch and dark truffles. Mum will be sure to love all of them. She might be the most caring and giving lady you know, but don’t expect her to share these with you.

Chocolatier chocolate gift boxes are a fantastic gift for special occasions like Mother’s day, but Sugar Station boasts a wide range of chocolate gift boxes locally and internationally made suitable for everyone’s tastes. Ernest Hiller’s, Anthonberg liquer chocolate bottles, Kathy’s Belgian sea shells, Belgian Noble chocolate cups, Delices belgian truffles and Sea shells are just a few to get you thinking about a great chocolate gift for Mum.


If boxed chocolates aren’t your thing, we have a giant creamy European style chocolate love heart freckle in pink, red or multicolor from the ever so delicious Rocky Road Chocolate company. If you need to avoid chocolate all together we have a great range of rock candy gift jars that we can put a beautiful colourful bow on for your mum.

If you still aren’t sure of what boxed chocolate to get Mum this Mother’s Day, come down and talk to one of our friendly staff for their great recommendations. We will gift wrap any boxed chocolates for you to impress your mum.

Have a great Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there!


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Visit our online store or our retail outlets in Victoria to discover the adventurous flavours of the most popular jelly beans in the world! Jelly Belly beans boast the largest flavour selection around the world and are always testing the boundaries of different flavoured jelly beans that can be created, each more delicious than the last. Starting with some original flavours such as buttered popcorn, tutti Frutti, bubblegum, red apple, candy floss, caramel corn, crushed pineapple, lemon, juicey pear and many more, Jelly Belly have evolved their original jelly bean flavours  to create a Jelly Belly Jewel range. The Jelly Belly jewel range is the latest Jelly Belly flavour craze that has changed the flavour slightly to tantalize the taste buds, but more so have created a pearlescent/jewel colour that shimmers and attracts before being devoured. The Jelly Belly jewel range currently includes Jewel Very cherry, Jewel sour green apple, jewel orange, jewel bubblegum, jewel blueberry and jewel cream soda. If you have not tried these flavours make sure you can your hands on a 1kg bag of Jelly Belly jewel mix from our online store to try these delicious flavours and many more not yet released here in Australia yet.


Jelly Belly love to experiment and come up with deliciously flavoured jelly beans that make your mouth water. Pushing the boundaries even further, Jelly Belly have come up with a fun game that took the world by storm. If you are stuck on how to play a practical joke with your friends look no further, Jelly Belly have created a Beanboozled range the is a fun and SAFE way to play Russian roulette. Creating the most disgusting flavours you can imagine and coloured to be identical as the current delicious Jelly Belly range so you have a 50/50 chance of a delicious Jelly Belly bean or a Jelly bean you will not be able to stomach. The new 4th edition includes the following from good/bad jelly beans: lime/lawn clippings, strawberry banana smoothie/dead fish, coconut/spoiled milk, chocolate pudding/canned dog food, peach/vomit, tutti Frutti/stinky socks, juicey pear/booger, buttered popcorn/rotten egg, liquorice/skunk spray, caramel popcorn/mouldy cheese. This range is definitely something that you can joke with your friends about.


Jelly Belly is the world’s most popular jelly bean and will continue to be as it is constantly looking for delicious flavours to bring to us. Their range is available from our online store in 1kg bags, or if you are looking for gifting options there is a gifting range available, just head to out online store or chat with our lovely staff in store to get your Jelly Belly fix right now!


Avoid postage costs at our Jelly Belly online store by selecting ‘Pick up from our Preston Market store’.


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Straight from Germany, the motherland of gummy lollies, Trolli gummy’s and sours are here to excite your taste buds. Not only for kids, Trolli have created gummies and sours that EVERYBODY loves. Why only stop at the popular gummy bears and gummy cola bottles? Trolli make a large range of delicious products that will make you wanting MORE! Red and black raspberries, sour peach rings, sour peach hearts, sour apple rings, sour mandarins are some of the flavoursome fruit based gummies. Thinking about Halloween? Gummy horror mix, Gummy octopus, gummy feet, gummy chicken feet, sour lizards will be sure to scare kids who come trick or treating. The old favourites are still around to create that perfect mix for the movies or a party to impress your friends, gummy bears, gummy cola bottles, sour worms, sour cola bottles. Who could forget the most creative lollies Trolli have made for us? Gummy pizza’s, gummy hotdogs and gummy hamburgers are still as delicious as ever, having people of all ages pulling them apart like they were 5 years old again.

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Everyones favourite salty and sweet licorice from across the seas can be found in all of our Sugar Station stores.

Starting from the lower end of the salty spectrum we have delicious Dutch salmiak rocks, Dutch fruit rockies, Dutch chalk and Dutch Hering for those who prefer their licorice a bit sweeter (there is still definitely a small salty kick to them though). Moving into the next level of the  salty Dutch range, the Dutch sweet coins, Dutch buttons, Dutch cats and Dutch diamonds are a single salted liquorice that tend to be more favoured along with the previous sweeter Dutch range. The single salted Dutch range has a perfect balance of salt that helps cut the sweetness of the licorice. Moving into the more adventurous side of Dutch licorice range, Dutch DZ coins (Double salted) and Dutch triple salted are the saltiest licorice lollies you will ever get your hands on. If you love licorice, but hate the sweetness, these are the perfect Dutch drops for you.

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We LOOOVEE locally made products. Hop in store now for our delicious chocolate Easter range for a limited time only! This Easter, Sugar Station stores are the hot spot for all things sweet, sour and chocolate related.  Like every year, we have the best range of delicious locally made Easter eggs and Easter bunnies from the Rocky Road Chocolate company and Chocolatier. The RRC range prides themselves on creating a deliciously creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth. This year to add to their delicious Easter bunny range is salted caramel and mouth-watering marble chocolate. We have locally made chocolate Easter bunnies in all different sizes ranging from 80g all the way up to 650g.

Showing a bit of love around the world, we could not forget to include the ever delicious  European chocolate this Easter. Our limited edition chocolate range includes: Jack Carrot the Pirate Chocolate Bunny, Lilly Rose Chocolate Bunny and Lapini the football playing Chocolate Bunny created by Abtey Chocolatier company all the way from France, Thorntons chocolate eggs, Niederegger marzipan bunnies and eggs.


Your friends and family will get only the best chocolate gifts this Easter at Sugar Station so treat your loved ones and your chocolate loving self to some delicious chocolate, whether it be a small chocolate eggs or a huge chocolate sitting bunny’s we’ve got you covered this Easter.

Plate of Easter eggs

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Parties are just not complete without a candy buffet!

From baby shower to Halloween make your celebration stand out with Sugar Station all year round with our super sweet candy picks for your next event.

Need some sweet candy bags for your childrens next themed birthday? we’ve got you covered with our large variety of Jelly Belly assorted flavours and colours.

Lolly bags can be made to order for small or large parties with your favourite Sugar Station sweets,

so whether your next event includes Harry Potter, Frozen, Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse our staff members in store will be pleased to help you find all your sugary party needs.

Candy buffets are a great way to brighten up room at every candy filled party, our German gummies, American chocolate varieties and chocolate coated strawberries & cream from Coolaroo are all available with our candy catering services. Candy catering services are available to help you achieve that “WOW” factor at any candy event, with all the colours under the sugary rainbow and every sweet taste imaginable available your senses are in for a sweet treat.


Seasonal sweets are our specialty at Sugar Station with Valentine’s Day just past and Easter fast approaching we are ready all year round for any festive event you need your candy buffet filled for! Our coloured Jelly Belly assorted candy flavours are a great way to brighten up a table or two, chocolate is no exception to your candy buffet needs Reese’s chocolate covered peanut butter cups, Hershey’s chocolate bar, peanut butter M&M’s and chocolate all the way from Germany is waiting for you in store now!


What are you waiting for?! Your sweet candy event is seconds away from being a colourful tasty treat for all head in store and ask our staff members to help you out with all your sweet candy event needs.