Jelly Belly

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Visit our online store or our retail outlets in Victoria to discover the adventurous flavours of the most popular jelly beans in the world! Jelly Belly beans boast the largest flavour selection around the world and are always testing the boundaries of different flavoured jelly beans that can be created, each more delicious than the last. Starting with some original flavours such as buttered popcorn, tutti Frutti, bubblegum, red apple, candy floss, caramel corn, crushed pineapple, lemon, juicey pear and many more, Jelly Belly have evolved their original jelly bean flavours  to create a Jelly Belly Jewel range. The Jelly Belly jewel range is the latest Jelly Belly flavour craze that has changed the flavour slightly to tantalize the taste buds, but more so have created a pearlescent/jewel colour that shimmers and attracts before being devoured. The Jelly Belly jewel range currently includes Jewel Very cherry, Jewel sour green apple, jewel orange, jewel bubblegum, jewel blueberry and jewel cream soda. If you have not tried these flavours make sure you can your hands on a 1kg bag of Jelly Belly jewel mix from our online store to try these delicious flavours and many more not yet released here in Australia yet.


Jelly Belly love to experiment and come up with deliciously flavoured jelly beans that make your mouth water. Pushing the boundaries even further, Jelly Belly have come up with a fun game that took the world by storm. If you are stuck on how to play a practical joke with your friends look no further, Jelly Belly have created a Beanboozled range the is a fun and SAFE way to play Russian roulette. Creating the most disgusting flavours you can imagine and coloured to be identical as the current delicious Jelly Belly range so you have a 50/50 chance of a delicious Jelly Belly bean or a Jelly bean you will not be able to stomach. The new 4th edition includes the following from good/bad jelly beans: lime/lawn clippings, strawberry banana smoothie/dead fish, coconut/spoiled milk, chocolate pudding/canned dog food, peach/vomit, tutti Frutti/stinky socks, juicey pear/booger, buttered popcorn/rotten egg, liquorice/skunk spray, caramel popcorn/mouldy cheese. This range is definitely something that you can joke with your friends about.


Jelly Belly is the world’s most popular jelly bean and will continue to be as it is constantly looking for delicious flavours to bring to us. Their range is available from our online store in 1kg bags, or if you are looking for gifting options there is a gifting range available, just head to out online store or chat with our lovely staff in store to get your Jelly Belly fix right now!


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