Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is just around the corner. If you are looking for that sweet chocolate treat to give to the lovely woman who raised you on this special Mother’s day, Sugar Station has a great range of delicious boxed chocolates to choose from. This year, Sugar Station have teamed up with Chocolatier to make sure Mum’s around Victoria have the sweetest and most delicious Mother’s day yet. Chocolatier 190g mixed selection and share box chocolates are only $12.50 each. These incredibly delicious chocolate boxes contain cookies and cream truffles, salted caramel truffles, Hazelnut praline truffles, baby cappuccino, chocolate strawberry delices, soft peanut butter caramel chocolates, chocolate mini mudcakes, chocolate molten lava, tiramisu bites, chocolate raspberry crunch and dark truffles. Mum will be sure to love all of them. She might be the most caring and giving lady you know, but don’t expect her to share these with you.

Chocolatier chocolate gift boxes are a fantastic gift for special occasions like Mother’s day, but Sugar Station boasts a wide range of chocolate gift boxes locally and internationally made suitable for everyone’s tastes. Ernest Hiller’s, Anthonberg liquer chocolate bottles, Kathy’s Belgian sea shells, Belgian Noble chocolate cups, Delices belgian truffles and Sea shells are just a few to get you thinking about a great chocolate gift for Mum.


If boxed chocolates aren’t your thing, we have a giant creamy European style chocolate love heart freckle in pink, red or multicolor from the ever so delicious Rocky Road Chocolate company. If you need to avoid chocolate all together we have a great range of rock candy gift jars that we can put a beautiful colourful bow on for your mum.

If you still aren’t sure of what boxed chocolate to get Mum this Mother’s Day, come down and talk to one of our friendly staff for their great recommendations. We will gift wrap any boxed chocolates for you to impress your mum.

Have a great Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there!