Allens Strawberries & Cream 1.3kg


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Allens Strawberries & Cream

Old fashioned Sweet, tasty, chewy lollies.

Available in 1.3 kg Family packs.


Allens Strawberries & Cream

Soft and Sweet gummy flavoured Allens Strawberries & Cream. Part of the Allens Party Mix which is a selection of Family Favourites ranging from soft, delicious Bananas and Milk Bottles, to Chewy Snakes and, Ripe Raspberries. Available in 1.3kg Bags

 Ingredients: Wheat Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Acid Treated Starch (Wheat & Tapioca), Water, Gelatine, Food Acid (330) Flavours, Colours (124). Allergens: This product contains: Wheat. This product May contain: Milk Products  


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