Jelly Belly Jewel Mix
Bag (12 x 70g)


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Jelly Belly is proud to present a shimmering collection of jelly beans.


You’ll feel like utter royalty when you indulge in the enchanting, gem-inspired Jelly Belly Jewel Collection! Featuring all your favorite jewel-toned jelly beans — our luxurious, shimmering beans dressed up in a beautiful, edible pearlescent finish — this mix brings something special to any occasion. Every 16-ounce re-sealable bag of assorted Jewel Collection jelly beans comes with brilliant versions of all your favorites, including Berry Blue, Cream Soda, Orange, Blueberry, Ginger Ale, Sour Apple, Bubble Gum, Grape Soda and Very Cherry. Together, these pretty candies create a colorful, shimmery display that’s simultaneously vibrant and sophisticated! This makes them perfect for wedding favors, New Year’s Eve party favors and more.