Sour gummy range

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Picture this. You’ve had a long stressful week and you’re just yearning for that mouth-watering sweet to cuddle up and unwind on the couch with. You’re walking to catch your train and see a colourful light in the distance. What’s that? It’s Sugar Station! Ah! At last, your sugary-sour prayers have been answered. At Sugar Station you can find every sour candy your heart desires. Our bulk sour range offers sour candies in all shapes and sizes.  Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Apple, Watermelon, Cola, Bubble-gum? You name it we’ve got it! Made both internationally and locally for more variety, we’ve ordered it in just for you!

Our sour range includes Sour peach rings, Sour apple rings, Sour peach hearts, Sour apple hearts, Red-back spiders(scary but yummy!), Sour multi-coloured rope, Bubble-gum bottles, Sour cola bottles, Sour worms, Sour Lizards, Mini sour straps, Jelly filled watermelon slices, Watermelon Slices, Sour mandarins, Sour bears, Fizzy dummies, Jelly filled peaches and Fizzoes. Hold on, not done yet!

We’ve also got sour brick range consisting of, Sour cola, Sour strawberry, Sour blue and Sour multi as well as our sour blowpipes which are Strawberry, Blue raspberry, Watermelon and Multi-coloured!

We really do have everything! Come see for yourself because we’ve always got new/extra sour candies popping out here and there.

Can’t pick decide which sour lolly to get? That’s okay! Let your inner child free and mix and match your own because we’ve got heaps of dispensers to choose from. And if you need help, our friendly staff will be right there to help you make the right decision.