Willy Wonka and his wonderful wacky candies

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The Willy Wonka Candy Company opened back in 1971, and since then many fantastic creations have left its doors and gone straight to our hearts. From delectable chocolate bars to crazy push up ice creams, they tried to do it all! Although some of their wacky Wonka range is no longer in production, all of our true Wonka favourites have stood the test of time for both young, old and everyone in between!

Our Wonka range regularly consists of Wonka Gobstoppers in both small and large size packs, Wonka Fabulicious Liquorice twists in bother Raspberry Twister and Sherbet fizz, Australian Wonka Nerds Ropes and American Very Berry and Rainbow Nerds Ropes, or classic Wonka Nerds in rainbow, Peach and Wild berry, Watermelon and Cherry, Neons, grape and strawberry or even Double Dipped Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Apple! We even have American rarities such as Wonka Soda Bottlecaps, Shockers and even Sweet-tart Ropes from time to time!

Whatever Wonka product you choose, whether you like chewy and sweet, or tart and crunchy.. Or whether you’re chasing classics like Wonka Gobstoppers and Wonka Runts, or you’re keen to try our special Wonka range of USA imported Nerds flavours, we’ve got something to suit your Wacky Wonka creative candy cravings at Sugar Station!